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Indian Pariah Dog Breed Information |

Indian Pariah dog
Here you will read in this article about one Indian dog breed. We all see these dogs around us every day. You are right, we are talking about Indian Pariah dog breed. Pariah dog is an Indian dog breed. These dogs are also known as Street dogs because of being in the street.

Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dog image

General Information :

  • Name:
    Indian Pariah Dog
  • Other Names:
    Indian Native Dog, Street Dog, Indian dog, Desi Dog, INDog, etc.
  • Colour:
    Tri-colour, Tan and White, etc.
  • Height:
    Male (22 - 25 inches), Female (20 - 23 inches)
  • Weight:
    Male (17 - 20 kg), Female (15 - 18 kg)
  • Life Span:
    13 - 16 years
  • Litter Size:
    6 - 9 puppies
  • Price:
    ₹ 1000 - ₹ 5000
  • Size:
  • Origin:
  • Popularity:
    Popular in India
  • Temperament:
    Alert, Social, Friendly Nature, Intelligent

Overview :

Street dogs are not a specific dog breed. Basically, which dogs we see in streets in India are Indian pariah dog. All Stray dogs are not Pariah dog, some dogs developed from interbreeding with each other.

There are also some people in India who do not like these desi dogs at all and do not want to adopt them. They mostly like pure dog breeds and they prefer to adopt pure dog breeds because they find him very cute and he is also very cute. But stray dogs can also be cute if they are maintained properly.

There are about 30 million dogs in our India out of which the majority is of stray dogs. In India, there is an environment in which the dogs and we live close together and due to which 40% of deaths worldwide due to rabies death happens only in India.

Their speciality is that stray dogs are smarter than pet dogs without any training and they learn very quickly how to deal with things while staying outside.

These dogs are easily trainable and require moderate exercise and as you know that every dog needs socialisation, Indian pariah should also be socialised from an early age.

It is not that stray dogs cannot train, many people think that they cannot train. Desi dogs can train very well but you have to put your effort.

These dogs are very rough and tough dogs.

They originate from the rural area where they have to deal with other predatory animals, so these dogs are quite strongly built. It is not so large and strong to see, but these dogs are still strongly built.

The immune system of these dogs is very strong so they do not get ill easily because these dogs are strongly built which can adapt very well in both hot and cold climatic conditions.

Pariah dogs are good adaptable, friendly nature and these dogs are also intelligent so, that these dogs trained very quick.

These dogs have good health and do not need to carry more health clinics.

Few people in India keep these dogs as a family dog. There is no good treatment for these dogs, but there are many people in the villages and cities who give these dogs a place, a name, and food to eat, but they do not keep these dogs in their house anymore.

They are also friendly with kids.


The coat of these dogs depends on what climatic conditions they live in, if it stays in cold climate then their coat will be slightly dense and if hot climate then their coat will be short.

Desi dogs are found in many different-different colours because these dogs do interbreeding naturally, so they have many colour variations. Their grooming is also very easy because they haven't undercoat in most of the causes, so it is very easy to maintain their coat.

Appearance & maintenance:

Indian Pariah dog is of medium size dog breed. If the Pariah dogs stay in warm climates then their code will be short. They can also stay comfortable in small apartments. This dog can live in a small house too.

These dogs do not require grooming, and these dogs should bath once in two weeks. They are beautiful dogs.

Origin & History:

It is the oldest dog breed of earth. How many years ago these dogs were originated no one knows that but, it is believed that their existence is 14,000 years old or more. They have originated from some subcontinent of India and these dogs have been with us since ancient times.

Indian Pariah Dog Breed is named after the Pariah Tribe of Tamil Nadu. These dogs are of normal size to see those who live in normally streets

Recognition of Desi dogs is not as a dog breed in many Indian dog clubs but these dogs are considered to be the descendants of many recognised dog breeds.

Do you know?

  • In today's time, if anyone in India wants to adopt a dog in urban city, then he likes to adopt a pure dog breed and very few people are those who think of adopting street dogs, but if you are a dog lover, then you will be happy to know that most people have Desi dogs in India which they have adopted. So if you also want to take a dog or you are a dog lover, then you can also adopt a street dog.
  • They like to live in a pack and are well aware of their territory.
  • They easily adapt themselves according to climatic conditions.
  • These dogs are very productive for their territory and are extremely loyal.
  • As we all know how much the problem of street dogs is in India. Around 30 million street dogs live in India i.e. around 3 crores and most of them live in urban areas.
  • You might be shocked to know that every year more than 20,000 street dogs die only due to rabies and there is no count of dogs who die due to diseases, due to rain, due to an accident, etc.


  • If you adopt a Pariah dog, then the cost of maintaining it will be very less.
  • Indian pariah is a versatile dog breed and suitable for everyone's home as well as all climatic conditions in India.
  • Apart from this, these are street dogs, so they are quite rough and tough, that's why they do not get sick very quickly.
  • They do not have to be taken to the doctor, again and again, their maintenance is also not very expensive.
  • you have no need to pay for a street dog you can adopt it for free.


  • These dogs, like pure dog breeds, will love you very much and will guard your family. Desi dogs are very good guard dogs and alert dogs.
  • Because of being in the streets they can survive in all climatic conditions.
  • Their immunity is very strong, so they don't get sick easily.
  • They are very loving no doubt everybody knows about them.
  • They are very protective and loyal to families.
  • They are easy to train.
  • They are "weatherproof".
  • They can swim.
  • They are good apartment dogs.
  • They are best-hunting dogs.

Things to remember:

    You are reading about street dogs which are in the problem after the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. They don't get food that's why adoption Drive is very important in today's date but there are some things that people should keep in mind while adopting Desi dogs.

    Some things that are very important to know before adopting pariah dogs is that:
  • It is freedom-oriented, the whole life these dogs are free, they roam around here and there, because of that it is a little difficult to keep them in restriction, so whenever If you adopt street dogs, then you have to make sure to give them educate, exercise and train from an early age.
  • Many people adopt a pariah dog and do not train them due to which they face a lot of behaviour issues such as excessive barking, destruction, breaking things, fighting with other dogs, etc. It all happens.
  • So to avoid all these things, when you adopt a Desi dog, make sure that it is given early training and learn as much as you can about dog behaviour so that the adopted dog does not have any issues.
  • The main thing which you keep remembering after adopt stray dogs is that you give them regular exercise. Walk of 5 to 10 minutes in exercise is not sufficient they need proper running. You can take them to the park, get them exercised, you can play with them with a ball, etc. Cycling can be done with them and there are many things.


This blog post is all about Indian pariah dog, why dog lovers must adopt at least one street dog and what good work are we doing for them by adopting them.

Some people attack dogs with stones because these dogs do not look good to those people. Always keep in mind one thing, please don't throw any sharp things such as blade or pieces of broken glass in the garbage, because Street dogs mostly eat their food from the garbage dump. If such a sharp think he eats, that thing can be stuck in his neck and then the dog can die.

I would really recommend you guys to adopt a Desi dog. If you adopt one street dog then, first of all, you are saving the life of a dog, if he stays in the street then maybe he gets sick or gets accident.

Secondly, he is getting a good lifestyle, he is getting a good house, he cannot find such things on the way and keeps wandering around. If you have a street dog or you want to adopt then please tell us in the comments section.

Only a dog is an animal on the earth who loves you more than you love yourself.

“If you want a good friend or you are alone, adopt a dog.”