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Bakharwal Dog - Height, Weight, History, Appearance, etc |

Bakharwal dog

Bakharwal dog image

General Information :

  • Name:
    Bakharwal dog
  • Colour:
    black and tan, Brown, Fawn, Brindle, etc.
  • Height:
    Male (28 - 35 inches), Female (26 - 31 inches)
  • Weight:
    Male (35 - 45 kg), Female (35 - 42 kg)
  • Life Span:
    10 - 12 years
  • Litter Size:
    5 - 8 puppies
  • Price:
    ₹ 3,000 - ₹ 8,000 (US $50 - $100)
  • Size:
    Large and Giant
  • Origin:
  • Popularity:
    Himalayan region of India
  • Temperament:
    Protective, Aggressive, Courageous, Alert, Loyal, etc.

Overview :

The species of Bakharwal dog is one of the ancient dog breeds of India. Bakharwal dog is used as working dogs. These dogs are found in Jammu and Kashmir. These dogs are quite active so it is important to train them well. It is good for these dogs to get training from childhood. These dogs are sociable and aggressive. They are aggressive, especially for their area. The Bakharwal dog breed looks like a Tibetan Mastiff dog breed because it has evolved from Tibetan Mastiff.

Other names:

The special of Bakharwal dog is such a species of old dogs that they are also known by many names such as Kashmiri Mastiff, Bakharwal Mastiff, Gujjar Watchdog, Kashmiri Sheepdog, and Kashmiri Bakarwal dog.

Health problems:

If we talk about the health problem of Bakharwal dog breed, these dogs have very few health issues, but still, we should check our Bakharwal dog eyes, ears, teeth and nails regularly and their body parts should be kept clean.


Dogs of this breed are found in Pir Panjal Hill areas of Jammu and Kashmir and these dogs were bred by people of Gujjar Nomadic tribe. They used to use these dogs for the protection of animals and also used these dogs in protecting their tribe.


These dogs are muscular in appearance, their shoulders are also broad and these dogs have long legs. The entire body of these dogs is strongly built. They have a big head as well as a powerful neck. Bakharwal dog has a medium flat coat which is quite and thick so that these dogs can survive in Harsh climate.


The grooming of these dogs needs less maintenance. We have to brush this dog twice in a week.


Like many Indian dog breeds in today's time, Bakharwal dogs breed is also on the brink of extinction.


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