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Himalayan Sheepdog - Height, Weight, Origin, History, etc |

This post is about Himalayan Sheepdog general information, history, origin, etc. Like there Indian breeds of dog it is also near to extinct, only very Sheepdogs have remained in India.

Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog Image

General Information :

  • Name:
    Himalayan Sheepdog
  • Other Names:
    Himalayan guard dog, Bhutia sheepdog, Himalayan Mastiff guard dog, Himalayan Chamba gaddi, Himalayan dog, Indian sheepdog, etc.
  • Colour:
    black and tan, Brown, Fawn, Brindle, etc.
  • Height:
    Male (28 - 35 inches), Female (26 - 31 inches)
  • Weight:
    Male (35 - 45 kg), Female (35 - 42 kg)
  • Life Span:
    10 - 13 years
  • Litter Size:
    6 - 8 puppies
  • Price:
  • Size:
    Large and Giant
  • Origin:
  • Popularity:
    Himalayan region of India
  • Temperament:
    Protective, Courageous, alert, Loyal, etc.

Overview :

Himalayan sheepdogs are rare dog breed very few dogs are available in Ladakh, and Himalayan region (mainly at the border of Indian Nepal). Himalayan Sheepdogs are commonly mistaken by, Bhutia sheepdog, Gaddi dog, Nepalese sheepdog, and Himalayan mountain dog.

The Himalayan Sheepdog is a different breed that is available and two varieties. Though many breeders believe the second variant is not a pure breed that's the mix of original sheepdog with local dogs or Bhutia sheepdog. These dogs have double-coated long curly fur on face and eyes and have long straight hair but not on face and eyes.


These dogs origin is from the Himalayan region of India (Ladakh, Uttarakhand and some part of Himachal and Kashmir). These dogs mostly found in the Himalayan region of India.


Himalayan sheepdogs are healthy, athletic and sturdy dogs, they are aloof, alert and intelligent. These dogs are very good for guarding. This dog breed is good for sheep keeper.


Himalayan Sheepdogs are ancient naturally developed landrace, their breed history is not known. Himalayan sheepdog was developed to herd sheep and goat, by native shepherds. It has good cold tolerance and can survive in cold weather of Himalaya.


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