Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Indian dog breeds vs foreign dog breeds

In this article, you will read the comparison between foreign dog breeds and our Indian dog breeds. We have divided this comparison article between some points.
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1. Indian dog breeds are good at hunting and guarding

If Indian dog breeds are trained well for guarding, then these dogs perform quite well than foreign dog breeds.

All foreign dog breeds are not good at hunting and guarding like the Rottweiler. Rottweiler dogs are good for guarding, but these dogs cannot be used for hunting.

There are many foreign dog breeds, which are either good in prey for guarding, there are very few dog breeds, both of which are expert, such as pitbull dog breed can work both.

But our Indian dog breeds like Rajapalayam, Kombai and many Indian dog breeds, which are best for both hunting and guarding.

Many foreign dog breed such as German Shepherd, Belgium Malinois are used in police work, and the Indian Army also uses many Indian dog breeds such as Chippiparai dog and Rajapalayam dog as a guard dog.

2. Indian dog breeds can easily survive in any condition

Indian dog breeds can survive easily in any weather condition compared to foreign dog breeds.

If you keep foreign dog breeds anywhere in India, they will adapt themselves according to the weather condition but they will many problems.

Many foreign dog breeds are not made for Indian weather conditions, such as Saint Bernard and Husky dog, India's weather condition is very difficult to adapt because the origin of these dogs is from the cold place.

The same Indian dog breeds easily adapt themselves too hot and cold weather, but still many people refer to foreign dog breeds.

3. Foreign dog breeds are preferred because they look good

In India, the number of people who keep dogs, the biggest reason is that the dog should look good, so people adopt foreign dog breeds more than Indian dog breeds. But if you see Indian dogs such as Rajapalayam, Indian Spitz, Tibetan Mastiff, and many Indian dogs, they are also very good looking and it is also friendly dogs like foreign dog breeds.

Foreign dog breeds are very sick compared to Indian dog breeds. Indian Pariah dogs live more than 14 years.

4. Both Indian & foreign breed dogs are loyal & friendly

Foreign dog breeds are considered more loyal and friendly than Indian dog breeds, it is not so if proper training is given, then every dog is loyal and friendly.


This blog post is about Indian dogs vs foreign dogs. Here, we have no any intention to show less to any dog breeds.


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