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Top 5 most powerful and dangerous Indian dogs |

Here is a list of top 5 Indian dog breeds which are very powerful and danger. They are also dog breeds found in India which two dogs can kill a lion. One story is very famous in our country, once about 4 Indian dogs had taken the life of a lion to save their master. These dog breeds in India are very good for guarding.
Top 5 most powerful and dangerous Indian dogs

1. Indigenous Mastiff or Himalayan Guard Dog

Indigenous Mastiff

  • Height:
    Average 28 - 38 inches
  • Weight:
    60 + kg, up to 90 kg
Indigenous Mastiff dogs are found in the vicinity of the Himalayan mountains. They are also known by the name of Himalayan Guard Dog, Himalayan Sheepdog and Himalayan Mastiff.

2. Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta

  • Height:
    Average 28 - 33 inches
  • Weight:
    45 - 65 kg

Bully kutta dogs are the strongest and largest dog of Northern India, also known as Sindh Mastiff, Pakistani Bully, Indian Bully and Indian Mastiff.

In some countries, Bully kutta is the most favourite dog in dogfighting game. They are considered the world's most dangerous Fighter dog. By the way, dogfighting game has been restricted in almost all countries, but still in some countries these games play hideously. This game is restricted in India.

3. Bangar Mastiff

Bangar Mastiff

  • Height:
    Average 22 - 27 inches
  • Weight:
    38 - 48 kg, maximum 65 kilograms

Bangar Mastiff dog is a new breed of Indian dog, which was developed by Major W.V. Soman, a retired Indian army. In 1963, these dogs were developed in Tehri Garhwal town of Bangar district.

There was the purpose behind developing these dogs. Once major W. V. Soman was called as a judge at the dog show in Mumbai and when he saw that there is no dog of Indian breed in the show then he decided that he would develop a new dog of Indian breed.

4. Gaddi kutta

Gaddi kutta

  • Height:
    Average 22 - 27 inches
  • Weight:
    35 - 45 kg

Gaddi kutta dogs are indigenous dogs from Himachal Pradesh of India, which are found in hills around Himachal and Himalayan region. Gaddi kutta dogs are the most popular dog in India with considerable strength, this dog is fully capable of any work.

Gaddi kutta is also known as Indian Panther Hound, Himachali Kutta, Mahidant Mastiff. 2 Gaddi Kutta dogs also used to hunt  Leopard so, they are also called Indian Panther Hound for their ability.

5. Bhutia Dog

Bhutia Dog

  • Height:
    Average 22 - 27 inches
  • Weight:
    35 - 50 kg

Bhutia dogs are the dogs of the Uttarakhand region of India, which are known as Bhutia and mountain dogs. These dogs are close to the Himalayan Gaddi kutta dogs, these dogs were developed by cross Himalayan dogs.

Bhutia dogs are quiet feet, brave and sensible, which are quite trustworthy there with families and children. Bhutia dogs are also considered to be good for guarding and housekeeping.

Do you know?

Do you know that the breed of the world's most dangerous and sturdy Mastiff dog has been developed from the Himalayan dog (today's Tibetan Mastiff).

Dogs adoption was started from India, Egypt and Israel, and today there is a registration of about 400 dogs in the world, in which there is no any dog of India, even today many Indian species of dogs from any dog of the world is Brave and Powerful.


This blog post is about "Top 5 most powerful and dangerous Indian dogs". Here is a list of best dog breeds in India. These dog breeds are very good for guarding. These are also the most popular Indian dog breeds.


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