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About Rajapalayam dog breed |

Rajapalayam dog

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General Information :

  • Name:
    Rajapalayam dog
  • Other Names:
    Indian SightHound, Poligar Hound, etc.
  • Colour:
    White, Brown, Solid Black, etc.
  • Height:
    Male (25 - 30 inches), Female (23 - 27 inches)
  • Weight:
    Male (35 - 45 kg), Female (32 - 42 kg)
  • Life Span:
    10 - 13 years
  • Litter Size:
    4 - 7 puppies
  • Price:
    ₹ 6,000 - ₹ 16,000 (US $100 - $250)
  • Size:
  • Origin:
  • Popularity:
    Indian Southern parts
  • Temperament:
    Protective, Courageous, alert, Loyal, etc.

Overview :

Rajapalayam dog breed is Hound dogs. Origin of Rajapalayam dogs is from Tamil Nadu, these dogs are named after the small town Rajapalayam located in Tamil Nadu.

Rajapalayam dog breed is absolutely pure dog breed. The size of these dogs is large. Rajapalayam dog bred in Tamil Nadu Nayak dynasty.

Some dog breed historians also believe that there may be a role of Rajapalayam dog breed in the origin of Dalmatian dog breed.

Rajapalayam dogs were also used in war. They were used to attack British cavalry in Carnatic and polygar war.

These dogs attack their opponent with complete strength, agility and aggression. Rajapalayam dogs are kept in the form of a guard dog to protect home, farm and rice fields.

The real story of Rajapalayam dog breed:

A story about Rajapalayam dogs is very famous that once 4 Rajapalayam dog had killed a tiger to protect their Boss.


These dogs are found only in white colour. These dogs have a short coat so that the grooming of these those become easy and these dogs do not even shade too much.


  • # These dogs are not friendly with strangers and if an intruder comes into your home then this dog will attack them.
  • # These dogs can adapt easily to hot weather.

Uses :

  • # The dogs of this species are used to hunt animals like the wild boar.
  • # Rajapalayam dogs are kept in the form of guard dogs to help the Indian Army on the Kashmir border.
  • # Dogs of these species are very good guards. Therefore, they are also used guarding the home, field, family, etc.

Needs :

These dogs should be exercised because these those are very energetic. If you have Rajapalayam so, you should get them walking or jogging every day.

Status :

Sadly, it is on the brink of extinction like many other Indian dog breeds. These dogs are now seen in a few states of India.

People efforts to save this dog breed:

These dogs are now only seen in parts of Tamil Nadu. To protect native Indian dogs from extinction and their awareness in Chennai, a dog breed unit was started in 1980, where the breeding of Kombai, Kanni, Chippiparai, Rajapalayam and other native dogs were started. These dogs were also dropped in the dog show. India's Postal department featured Rajapalayam dogs on poster stamps so people come to awareness.

How to save Rajapalayam dog breed:

If we want to protect the dogs of our country from extinction, then we have to adopt these dogs and people around us to be aware of it, in this way we can save them from extinction.


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