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Top 10 Best Indian Guard Dogs |

If you are looking for best Indian guard dogs then you are at the right place. This blog post is about "Top 10 Best Indian Guard Dog".

1. Tibetan Mastiff Dog

Tibetan Mastiff Dog

Tibetan Mastiff is also known as Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff and Himalayan Guard dog names. This dog species is of very large size. These dogs are used as a guard dog by Tibet's local tribe to protect pets. These dogs protect cattle from wild animals like wolves, leopards, bears and big cats.

2. Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam dog species are used to hunt wild boar. This dog species is found mostly in the southern region of India as a family guard dog, especially in Tamil Nadu these dogs are kept as a guard dog.

3. Indian Mastiff Dog

Indian Mastiff Dog

Indian Mastiff dogs are known mostly by the name of Bully kutta. This dog species originated from Punjab. These dogs were used in fights because the species of these dogs have amazing stamina, fighting skills, power and Fearless nature. These dogs are also used for guarding livestock and families.

4. Gaddi kutta

Gaddi kutta Dog

Gaddi kutta dog is used for the protection of livestock. These dogs also save cattle from dangerous wild animals like the snow leopard.

5. Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan sheepdog is a species of Predatory dogs. These dogs are very popular in the Himalayan region because these dogs are a loyal companion as well as good working dogs. The species of these dogs are used for the production of livestock.

6. Kumaon Mastiff Dog

Kumaon Mastiff Dog

The Kumaon Mastiff dog breed was bred for the protection of pets. These dogs are quite aggressive and require training to make these dogs a perfect Indian guard dog.

7. Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dog

You must know about the Indian Pariah dog because this dog is present in every state of India, every region, every Street and every City. This dog species is quite intelligent and it is also a very good guard dog. You can adopt these dogs very easily. You can also adopt these dogs for free.

8. Combai Dog

Combai Dog

Combai dogs are mostly found in the Southern region of India. These dogs are very loyal, intelligent and powerful, due to which people keep these dogs in their house as a guard dog.

9. Jonangi Dog

Jonangi Dog

The species of Jonangi dog is found in many states of India. These dogs are used for hunting fish and duck, and for this reason, many people keep them in their house as a guard dog.

10. Kashmiri Sheepdog

Kashmiri Sheepdog

The Kashmiri sheepdog is also known as Bakharwal Mastiff. Kashmiri Sheepdog bred in Jammu and Kashmir to protect the cattle and many people also keep these dogs as a guard dog.


This article is about the best Indian guard dogs. If you found anything important here or you have any suggestion then please let us in the comment section.


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