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Jonangi Dog Breed Information 2019 |

May be you know Jonangi dog breed is one of the Indian dog breeds. This breed was very famous in some part of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu. This post is all about Jonangi dog breed information like their history, origin, general information, etc.

Jonangi Dog

jonangi dog image

General Information :

  • Name:
  • Other Names:
    Kolleti Jagilam and Jagilam
  • Colour:
    Fawn, black, biscuit, Chocolate and White
  • Height:
    Male (18 - 23 inches), Female (17 - 22 inches)
  • Weight:
    Male (25 - 35 kg), Female (20 - 30 kg)
  • Life Span:
    10 - 14 years
  • Litter Size:
    3 - 6 puppies
  • Price:
    ₹ 500 - ₹ 3000
  • Size:
  • Origin:
  • Popularity:
  • Temperament:
    Dumb, protective and energetic

Overview :

Jonangi dog breed is an Indian dog breed. This breed dogs mainly found in the southeastern coast of India (Andhra Pradesh). This dogs also known as hunting dogs. People also use these dogs for hunting. This is the best dog breed for Indian families. These dogs also known for their habit of digging and living in it. These are the best dogs for Aqua farmers because of their amazing fishing techniques.


This breed have short, smooth and dense coat. Because of small coat they do not need much grooming. Like other short coat dogs, they also need basic grooming.

Appearance & maintenance:

Their cost of maintenance is too low than other dog breeds because of their short coat, behaviour and food. They generally eat homemade food, do not need foreign foods. These dogs found in many colours because of interbreeding with other breeds.

Origin & History:

Their origin is from the southeastern coast of India. Some locals also believe that this breed was developed by duck herders. Especially duck herders have been using these breed dogs for duck herding from a long time. People also used to use this breed for hunting. In rural areas people have been using these dogs for protecting livestock from predators. In today’s time because of their low population, it is quite hard to find them.

Do you know?

  • This breed dog mainly developed as a herding & hunting dog.
  • This breed is unregistered dog breed. This breed is not registered in any major kennel clubs of India.
  • They are friendly with other pets and small children.


  • They can survive easily in all climatic conditions of India except winter.
  • This dog breed is excellent for herding & hunting.
  • These dogs are not very smart and intelligent dogs like other dog breeds.


  • These are best-hunting dogs. In rural areas, many people use these dogs for hunting animals like rabbits, nilgai and deer.
  • These are best herding & Watchdogs.
  • These are very nimble dogs and it can travel a long distance due to its long legs.

Things to remember:

  • They like to live in an open area. These dogs are not good for apartments and small houses.
  • These dogs don’t like strangers coming to their house.
  • These are aggressive dogs by their nature.
  • They need regular exercise. Because of their behaviour of digging if you don’t take them outside to exercise then they dig holes.


Like many other Indian dog breeds, this dog breed is also near to extinction. Because of it some people, leaders and society are trying to save this breed from extinction. We hope their dedicated effort will prove good for this breed.


As you know this post is about an Indian dog breed. Here we shared about Jonangi breed appearance, history, characteristics, advantages, facts, precautions, height, weight, general information, price, etc. Share your suggestions and love in the comment section.

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