About me

Hello, I am SAEED AHMAD. I am a founder of "indiandogsbreed.com". I created this blog to share my knowledge to help teachers, students and who want to know about Indian dogs.

I am very happy to share knowledge about Indian dogs with you.

I am a student of B.com (Computer Application) and I am also a web designer, web developer, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, etc.

I love Blogging and coding very much, I changed my subject in 12th class from Biology to Commerce because of blogging and coding.

I am doing blogging from 11th class since 2017 but still today I am an unsuccessful blogger. But, I have a bright future in web designing but, the problem is that I don't love to do the job. I want to be my own boss. I do the job only for knowledge & experience.

I have failed so many times in blogging because of lack of knowledge about blogging but every time I learned something new.

"Sometimes we have to take two steps back for a long jump"

I never give up. To become a good blogger and web designer I have left my job to learn something new without any tension. I am only 20 years young, so it's my time to take the risk, to do something different, to do what I want.

People usually don't like to take risk after marriage so if you are still unmarried then try to do your own business, try to be your own boss, try to think out of the box.

Try to learn business skills from your experience, attend the seminar, read books (like rich dad poor dad), try things in your practical life.

"Never share your next step with anyone if possible"

Finally, I have started a new blog "indiandogsbreed.com" with new energy,  with a new strategy, with the new topic, with new power and with a new partner.

I Am Expertise For Now:

Basic knowledge of SEO
Wix.com & more

I am learning some more languages to be a good web designer, web developer, blogger and a good businessman.